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Try our best-selling Goat’s Milk Soap range and other skin care products. Gum Tree Soap products are
handmade, all-natural, premium quality, luxurious, affordable, gentle on your skin...and delightful to use.
Gum Tree Soap is hand-crafted in  Australia’s picturesque Yarra Ranges, providing you with a wide variety of affordable, meticulously-formulated soaps, containing essential oils and other carefully selected ingredients. You will not only enjoy their unique aroma, but also their abundant lather, soothing nature and gentle cleansing power.
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     All of our Goat’s Milk Soaps contain 100% farm fresh goat’s milk, have exceptional lather, are very soothing, and popular with people who have dry skin - children and babies being greatly advantaged by our unscented range.
     Goat’s Milk Shaving Soap also contains Australian cosmetic clay which reduces razor drag and allows the blade to literally glide over the skin. Users say this soap makes shaving a more economical, effective and  pleasurable experience.
     Amazing Coffee Soap is a favourite with cooks, gardeners, mechanics and the CEO of the laundry. Not only is it a great all-round cleansing soap, but removes a variety of clothing stains, exfoliates, is a personal shower soap and natural deodourizer (use after handling garlic, onions, fish, etc. or after a sweaty workout).
     Golden Neem Soap contains neem seed oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary and citronella essential oils. It is a favourite with many of our customers who are looking for a soothing soap.
NOTE: all of our soaps are hand cut and may vary in size and weight from 100g—115g
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No fragrant oils, no chemical toxins or synthetic agents (often used in commercial soap to artificially change the appearance, lathering, cleansing and moisturizing qualities) which can be powerful skin irritants, sensitizers and toxins.
100% pure essential oils, natural botanicals, natural colours and Australian clays.
Beeswax, shea butter and emu oil are used only if indicated in the product description.
Saponified olive oil from Victorian groves, sustainable palm, palm kernel and coconut, rice bran and caster oils, unless mentioned otherwise.
Gum Tree Soap contains
gum tree soap
All liquid in our Goat’s Milk Soap range is 100% fresh goat’s milk.

While some manufacturers use only 50% goat’s milk in their soaps—or even less—we use 100% fresh goat’s milk in our entire Goat’s Milk Soap range.

When you buy our Goat’s Milk Soap, both you and your skin will be able to tell the difference.
What customers say:
“Late last year we moved up to sunny Townsville…when my supply of Gum Tree Soap ran out…I went to all the markets, health shops, chemists and even tried the supermarket versions of their goats milk soaps [to help my dry skin]. None of the other soaps worked as well as the goats milk soap from Gum Tree Soap company…we were also pleased to learn that we can order online and have the soap delivered to us.”

Matt Delacy – Townsville
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